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Working Online

Hypnotherapy can easily be done online when there is a rapport between the client and the therapist.  

So how does this happen?

With an initial consultation using an online service such as Zoom, the therapist and the client meet, discuss the potential work, consider the client's needs and questions, and determine if a trusting energy exists to support working together

During this consultation, the therapist provides guidance about what the client needs to have in place to support working online:
         *  a quiet working environment where the client can be uninterrupted during the session
      *  a computer with a camera and microphone, or minimally a mobile phone with Zoom


      *  a stable internet connection
      *  a headset so that a strong voice connection is made between the therapist and client
         lighting during the session so the therapist can observe client responses and needs
         specific preparations for the session in response to the work being done.

If the client and therapist agree, a preliminary session may be recommended to assess the client's comfort and ability  to work online and to feel safe and comfortable during the session.  At the end of this preliminary session, the therapist and the client should have a good sense of whether a working relationship exists where both are comfortable to communicate freely and safely in a trusting environment.

As a client, you have the right to know if you are comfortable working with someone online and if they are competent to work with you in this environment.  You are an equal partner in the decision to work together or not, whether you ultimately work online or in person.

Inquire about our free preliminary online consultation offer. Use the button below to ask about this offer, and indicate when you would be available.  You will receive a response from us within 24 hours, so please use our form or call or text us so that we have your message to start your free session booking.


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