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Regression Therapy

Regression from the hypnotherapeutic perspective is the use of insight from a previous time to enhance, explain and support you in the present. Regressions can be to times within the current lifetime, to previous lifetimes, or to a time between lives that is sometimes called the Interlife. Each of these types of regressions can support differing purposes depending on the needs, interests, and intentions of the client.

Age regression is a fairly common form of trance work where the therapist assists the client to go back into a memory from a previous time. This may be to understand it, to change the impact of it on the client's emotional being, or any number of reasons or intentions that are set by the therapist and the client. Memories may come forward that the client hasn't had in many years but that have a significance in how they are reacting to something currently. It is possible to shift one's responses and past attachments or at least understand why something which seemed so small in the past affected us so greatly.

For more information on Dr. Paque's Regression Services, please visit specific pages on this site as well as her website dedicated to regression:


Childhood memories
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