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About Dr. Diana Paque

Dr. Diana Paque trained in Hypnotherapy and Energy Therapies at the HCH Institute in Lafayette, California. She holds certifications as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Regressionist, Certified​ Life Between Lives Facilitator, Quantum Consciousness Facilitator, and Energy Therapist, and IFS-informed (Internal Family Systems) therapist. She continues to do advanced training and holds certifications in weight management, virtual banding procedures, past life regression, and other advanced energy techniques and therapy techniques. She continues to study to improve the services she is able to offer to her clients, to improve and refine her skills, and to increase her awareness of options for living both for herself and others.

Dr. Paque works primarily with individuals in therapeutic settings to achieve their goals. As she is also a Reiki Master, she also provides for individuals wishing to learn more about practicing and using Reiki in their lives and work, and she also provides training to the level of Reiki Master to others who want to teach and train other practitioners.

She is a certified member of the Newton Institute and is certified to offer Life Between Lives (c) regressions in the tradition of Dr. Michael Newton.  Dr Paque is also the Executive Directer of the Newton Institute and works with the organization to further the development and delivery of services through its practitioners and information services to clients throughout the world. For specific information about her regression offerings, please visit Dr. Paque's website: SFBayRegressions.Com.



Dr. Paque currently has offices in Lafayette, California. She offers services both onsite and remotely via Zoom. Dr. Paque offers regression services in Lafayette as well as at locations in Sausalito and El Sobrante. All services are by appointment.


Education and Previous Life Experience:

Dr. Paque holds a bachelor's degree in history from Santa Clara University, a master of science in library science from the University of Southern California, and both a master and doctoral degree in public administration from the University of Southern California.


She has served as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at John F. Kennedy University, Chief of Library Development for the California State Library, College Librarian at Solano Community College, and Assistant Director of Learning Services for the California State University Chancellor's Office. In addition, she has been an active participant in regional, state and national associations, including serving in leadership positions within the American Library Association and the California Library Association. She has taught at the graduate level preparing students with skills course for conducting educational research and completing their master's theses.


Dr. Paque works with both individuals and organizations seeking change in their lives and environments. In her work with organizations, she brings with her experience and talent a wide network of educational leaders, faculty, consultants, and non-profit organization leaders from whom she is able to draw in her work with her clients. She also provides support and facilitation using her wide variety of interpersonal tools to maximize the benefits clients receive.



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