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Regression to Spirit
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Regression into Spirit

Interlife work is another form of regression where the client is supported to connect with Universal Consciousness, beyond the realms of a physical incarnation. It can be said to be a time when one exists only in one's state, one's soul state. Because of this, one may be able to view contracts made in past lives that are still in force as well as agreements made for what can transpire in the current life. Exploration of this time between human lives allows the client to engage with their being-ness on another plane and to understand more about the plan, the akashic record, and the lessons for this lifetime and those still needing completion.

Life Between Lives regression is a form of work that is very detailed and can provide you with of body, and spirit. Following on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, this detailed protocol is the result of his work with more than 7000 clients. Dr. Paque has been trained by the Newton Institute and is currently both a member in good standing and the current Executive Director of the Institute. She is able to provide you with complete information on what it entails, what preparation the client needs for this to be a successful and the types of outcomes that have been achieved by clients who have done this form of regression.

Quantum Consciousness journeys support the client to move beyond the realms of time and space, connecting with the true self and experiencing the dynamics of the soul. While this work is very similar to Life Between Lives work, the modalities are more streamlined and more open to exploring the journeys of the soul in many realms and many incarnations.

Are you interested in exploring past lives or the life of the soul? There are some techniques that can help you do this work. Please contact us for more information on getting started or to talk to us about scheduling a regression session.​

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