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Life Between Lives (tm)

Past life regression is known fairly widely as a technique for visiting a life in the past to gain understanding and insight into the journey of the soul through multiple lives. While this process can provide the client with rich information and insight, there are other aspects of the soul's journey that may be missed in the process. Since we likely have lived multiple lives dealing with a series of life lessons and purposes, visiting a single life or series of lives may give only a glimpse of the larger journey.

There are regressionists who explore the Interlife as part of this process. This exploration moves the client from the body occupied in a past life into an environment where one is free of the body and is engaged from the spirit or soul perspective. From that viewpoint, one is able to have a completely different perspective on the life in the past, the applicability of lessons to the present life, and to learn other aspects of the soul's essence and lessons that are related not to a particular incarnation in a body, but rather to the journey of the soul itself.


Life Between Lives Regression (tm)

Dr. Michael Newton, who was a psychotherapist, began the process of mapping his clients' journeys in the Interlife and documenting their insights, their understanding of this realm, and the types of healing that resulted. Over the course of many years, he consistently gathered data on more than 7000 cases to be sure that what he reported had validity and showed the reliability and repeatability necessary to stand up to scrutiny. He has published his findings in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. He has also published a description of the process itself in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. More information can be found on the Newton Institute website by clicking here.


Members of the Newton Institute are trained in the specific protocols of doing this Life between Lives (c) work and have been certified by the Institute to be conducting sessions in accordance with the principles and requirements established by Dr. Newton.

The Process

Should one be interested in engaging in this process, one will need to assess one's level of preparation. Working with a trained LBL regressionist, the client is assisted in developing a history of this life and issues that he or she wants to investigate. Clients must be practiced in doing hypnosis, engaging with a therapist in the process of past life regression, and must be able to engage in deep trance work comfortably and with the ability to communicate effectively. Because the therapist is working with the client in accordance with Dr. Newton's procedures, there are elements that are scripted and prescribed while other aspects are completely open and individualized.


The process is at least 2 sessions, and sometimes the therapist may recommend that some preliminary work might be done to unblock aspects of the client before engaging in regression. This unblocking may help clarify issues as well as take care of things that could inhibit or get in the way of successful deeper work. If a client has little or no experience with hypnosis, there is a possible need for skill development so that the session is comfortable for the client. During the initial session, the therapist is likely to take the client on a hypnotic journey to assess readiness for deep trance work and to provide guidance on next steps to be able to engage fully in the LBL journey itself.


Past Life Regression: Should the client be versed in hypnosis and has experienced trance work in the past, the first session is a shortened version of the LBL session.  The therapist will guide the client into a deep trance state, regress through childhood and into a past life.  The therapist will assist the client in examining this past life and support the client in examining that life from spirit after the end of that life.


Life Between Lives: The second session builds on the first session, learning from client/therapist interactions.  Following the same process, the therapist guides the client into deep trance, then regresses through childhood and into the most recent past life.  At the end of the past life, the spirit then enters the spirit world and the space between lives where the therapist supports the client to ask questions, examine the soul's journey, gain understanding and insight, and follow the client's stated and emerging needs for interaction and understanding.


A trained LBL therapist can explain the process and provide more detail about preparation, the actual journey, and the potential for learning in more specifics. Generally, there are separate fees for the LBL session itself and other preliminary sessions, and you should understand the pricing and potential cost and time commitments before you undertake this therapeutic journey.


Dr. Diana Paque is a certified past life regressionist who has been trained and certified by the Newton Institute to work with clients using the Newton method of LBL. She is a Member of the Newton Institute. Feel free to contact her for more information about LBL and regression therapies as they relate to your issues and concerns.​


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