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Welcome to a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

For some of us we enter a new year with joy and anticipation while others of us arrive in relief to have survived the holidays one more time.  This time of year, for a wide variety of reasons, we are challenged to engage with others in ways that we generally do not do throughout the rest of the year.  There are events involving family, food, socializing. There are increased demands for one’s personal and financial resources.  There are emotional ties to the past - both positive and negative that are triggered; and there are all the other ongoing life situations facing us the rest of the year.

In addition, because of the holidays, many of us get out of our normal routines that we use to sustain us and to facilitate balance in our lives.  Planning and engaging in holiday activities can play havoc with our exercise routines, can cause us to skip or reschedule standing appointments due to being overwhelmed, and can involve us with family members whose schedules are also different - kids home from school, relatives in town visiting, service providers engaging in their own holiday activities.

So we are now on the other side of these times and at the threshold of a new year.  I was just reading about the upcoming Chinese New Year that arrives on January 31 - the Year of the Horse – another lens on viewing life and our life choices and challenges.  This gave me pause to think about how I have the opportunity to choose goals and directions for myself, to examine and eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and create more abundance in my life by moving forward, taking advantage of this chance to refocus and reframe my thoughts and actions.

The questions I have been asking myself are several.

  • What are the myths and lies I tell myself that stand in my way? - identifying these and eliminating them allows me to open up to abundance.
  • What can I do to embrace change on all levels rather than resist it and release myself from the energy blocks that are holding me back?
  • Now that I know what I have been doing to stand in my own way, what seeds can I plant in my own life and world that I can nurture and grow so that I produce abundance from inside myself, thus broadening my own internal experience of living an abundant life?
  • What language am I using with myself that both hinders and supports me and my growth and abundance? If I say I want something, I am expressing the belief that I don't already have it. I have abundance and joy in my life rather than I want abundance and joy - a subtle but profound difference.
  • How can I support myself so that I move out of any old habits of being overwhelmed? What planning can I do to support me in moving toward my goals, of being active in my life, in moving through stagnation? This may be something that I can't handle by myself, and I also need to continue to seek support from others along the way so that I have any safety net I need or want when I need it.
  • What values do I choose to manifest this year? We all have many values within ourselves, many of which can be easily overshadowed by doubt, insecurity, fear, habit, and other beliefs.  What do I value in life, and what values do I choose to highlight this year that I can build and support in my behavior, actions, self, and environment?
  • What junk do I need or want to clear away so that the path that I am setting for myself is clear and open? Is there clutter that gets in the way and distracts me? Again some of our clutter has emotional attachments to the past that may require a bit of assistance to work through - like having a cleaner come in to do spring house cleaning. Do I carry blame and shame of past clutter that also needs to be cleared?
These are a few of the questions running through my mind as I approach today and this year. We all have our own, and I know for me that my biggest challenges are not those in my environment; they are the blockages inside myself that support me in hiding from and addressing life as it is rather than life as I want it to be.

It is likely that as you read through these, you will come up with your own questions and thoughts about what in your life supports your abundance and what stands in your way.  And as I have found, some of these are easy for me to work through on my own, and others are better addressed when I am able to share them with someone else, eliminate the energy and shame around having them in the first place, and be able to see or reframe my options openly and cleanly.

I'm exceedingly good at fooling myself - years of practice, you know.  How about you?

Happy and Abundant New Year!

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