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Fat Body but Starving Brain

I know it may sound strange, but our bodies are geared to keep us well fed with plenty of reserves for when we need them.  Some of the chemicals in our bodies not only facilitate our sensing the need for nourishment, they can impact what we store and use, what we feel about food, and whether we are overweight or not.  One of the hormones that is responsible for keeping us from starving is leptin that is a protein made from fat..  And one of the scary things about this hormone is that the more fat we have in our bodies, the more leptin is produced making us ultimately obese with our brains starving.
At one point it was thought that raising the amount of leptin in people’s bodies would increase their ability to lose weight because the more leptin in the brain, the less food is interesting.  However, through scientific trials, they have found that there is no ceiling for the amount of leptin the body can produce and use, thus creating the potential for leptin resistance. If one is resistant, then the leptin doesn’t signal the body and the brain properly and, one overeats because the signals aren’t present to stop.
Over the counter leptin products are actually useless and probably do not contain leptin.  Since it is a protein like meat or fish or dairy products, leptin breaks down in the digestive system and none gets to the brain. So save your money.
Research has also found a connection between insulin resistance and leptin resistance, and the culprit for insulin resistance is sugar and foods that convert quickly to sugar – white flour, corn syrup, white starchy foods, etc.  When one reduces and eliminates these from the diet and creates the habit of eating healthy whole foods, live foods,  like fruit,vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, and low fat meat and protein, then one’s body begins to adjust to lower sugar levels, and one’s response to insulin begins to return to normal; and apparently that also impacts leptin levels.
There is a considerable amount of information about leptin on the web, and an article that I found to be a concise and readable one is the one at this link on WebMD. Hope you find it interesting and helpful.

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