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Tired or Afraid?

You know what you want to do. Right? You have a sense of the direction you want to proceed in and how to move in that direction.  But how many times does that little voice or little feeling creep into your body and mind and cause you to hesitate?  Cause you to question if, in fact, you really do know what you are doing and where you want to go?  The reality is that we will all get somewhere if we just stay alive; but without a plan or direction, we will move in any direction the wind and rain push us without a sense of purpose.
I have a client who is consistently talking to me about how tired he is and how he gets to the end of the day without feelings of accomplishment.  And one of the questions that I ask is whether or not he had a plan for what he intended to accomplish that day.  The first time I asked this, he looked at me rather shocked.  He was always tired so how could he possibly spend time compiling an action plan or “to do” list? He didn’t have enough time in his day to get things done, so how could he possibly even get to things on his list – that is if he had added creating a list to his workload for the day. 
We started to address this by seeing what he actually did during the day.  For one day – and only one day – he agreed to create an inventory of what he did.  And he came back surprised at how much time he spent doing nothing productive.  We then substituted creating a “to do” list for the inventory, and for one day,his assignment was to decide what was most important to do that day, and write it down.  The next week when he came to see me, he was acting a little more energetic. He had done the “to do” list, grumbling at me as he wrote it out, but by the end of the day, he looked back at the list and had accomplished more than half of the things that were important for him to do.  He decided to continue the next day and found that he was able to fit in little chores that escaped him in the past because he could get them done on the way to or from other activities. 
It is so easy to get into the rut of our old habits and wander through the day without direction or a plan.  But when we actually set our minds on what wewant to accomplish, we are usually able to do at least one or two things that are important to us, and sometimes more. Being conscious of your direction puts you in control. And when you see that day by day you are accomplishing things, you are then energized to continue.  I also find that by writing down the things that I want or need to get done I identify those around which I have fear.  Fear is another powerful factor that keeps us from being functional and de-energizes us.  The perpetual fear of certain tasks makes them seem bigger than life and unable to be either addressed or accomplished.  Get them on your list and acknowledge them.  Little by little youcan move yourself towards them – either by yourself or with help from others.  And you will learn how much of what you feared was real and how much was your anticipation or fear of whatmight happen.
We all have a part of ourselves that is highly motivated,highly focused, and completely capable of functioning when we need it to.  With practice, and a little encouragement from our Higher Selves – that part of us that supports and loves us unconditionally – we are able to better access this motivated and productive aspect of ourselves.  Try it, and you may find that part of you that has been waiting for the opportunity to shine.

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