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Manifest Your Future Not Your Past

We've all heard the saying that "you are what you eat."  What you put into your body today will impact your body and your health tomorrow.  But have you ever thought about this relative to where you want your life to be going?  Have you ever thought about how feeding yourself consistently negative or unsatisfying stories about yourself can only give you more of the same?  Have you ever noticed that on a day when you feel on top of the world that people interact with you differently because you are emitting different and more positive energies?

For the longest time - at least 30 years - I have been reading about the power of affirmations. The first book I ever saw about them was published by Sondra Ray in 1976 called "I Deserve Love."   This book touts the benefit of regular affirmative statements to and about ourselves as the basis on which we can build a solid sense of self, and change our attitudes about what we do and do not deserve. At the time that I read this, I found it particularly tedious and difficult to do, not seeing how saying these things to myself could have any real impact on the way my life was heading or how others would interact with me in the way that I thought I wanted them to.  I also found that doing a series of affirmations in a vacuum without a connection to anything specific in my life was too abstract, too touchy-feely, too remote to be real.

And, with age and maturity comes a greater understanding of the power of the mind to influence the energies within and around me.  While I continue to struggle with affirmations for their own sake, I now see the tremendous benefit of affirming oneself, specifically in relation to issues we are facing and tackling.  It is so easy for us to see what is wrong with ourselves and with our lives, and it is much more difficult to define choices we have about what we want instead.  When we do, and define these choices and affirm them as our right and our intention, things change.

EFT - the Emotional Freedom Technique - is a meridian tapping protocol that taps through the negative, taps out the negative emotions and hurt, and taps in the positive choices.  I use this alot with myself and with clients when we get stuck on not being able to see our way through an issue that has an emotional component.  We generally can start easily with what is wrong, then move to how we feel, then how we want to feel, and tap in our choice to feel in this new way.  It takes a little practice, but it does relieve the old sense that the old story is the only one that exists for us.

Another techniques is the Tapas Accupressure Technique or TAT.  You can read lots more about TAT on the TATLife.Com website. In this procedure, you assume a comfortable position and follow a script that leads you through the process.  Unlike EFT, you don't have to know precisely what the issue is.  You set up a pot into which you can throw everything related to your issue, your feelings, all the people involved, etc., without being more specific than that.  What I really like about TAT is that I can throw things into the pot as they occur rather than stuffing them down and pretending that they don't exist.  I can release them - get them out of my emotional space - and then deal with them the next time I go through the TAT procedure.  Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this procedure.  It is very simple to do, but the impact can be very profound.  I have had some very deep insights doing TAT as have some of my clients.  You may find that using the procedure on paper is distracting - it is for me, so I have now recorded it so that my clients can listen to me speaking it when they use it after our first usage in session.   As with EFT, you start with putting the past in the past, setting the intention to heal, and choosing what you want for yourself in the present and future.

If you'd like to know more about affirmations and their power to move you forward, there are lots of books out there, there are therapists like me who work with their clients (and themselves) to achieve centered balance in their lives.  Check us out as well as EFT and TAT.  I think you'll find that you can affirm a more positive future once you choose to allow your past to be in the past.

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