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What Do You Project?

Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, but we each have an energy field around us that we control in some way.  Our own internal energies are a mix of what is going on inside of us and this spills out of us invisibly and fills in the space around us.  Have you ever had a day when you felt sluggish, ugly, and just plain unattractive?  And everything that you tried to do and all the people that you ran into seemed to reinforce how you felt?   And then have you had days where you were walking on air and everyone you encountered was so nice to you?  It's all about your energies!

Over the last several weeks I have become so aware of the impact of other people's energy on my own environment.  I have had a few people enter my life - I'm not talking about clients here - but people that I have met socially.  And while I have been somewhat ambiguous about whether they were people I wanted to spend any time around, my energy systems reacted.  I had a week with an amazing number of client cancellations and rescheduling.  I had another week when I gained 3 new clients in 2 days!  In both cases, I wasn't doing anything differently in my practice or in my marketing efforts, but I had different people entering and leaving my life. 

So what does this tell me?  That we need to treat ourselves well and be aware that having people in our lives who enhance our energy systems enhance all aspects of our lives as well.  Likewise, we can suffer in many unseen ways by being around people who suck energy from us, who don't encourage us to be our best selves.  It's pretty simple.  I need people around me who respect me for the whole person that I am and who encourage and support me in achieving my best self.  Not everyone out there can do this or wants to do this, and it is my choice who I have in my environment.

So be good to yourself and be aware of how you feel when you are with others either physically or psychically.  You may find that your day goes a little more smoothly when you aren't battling other people's energy barrages, and when you are aware that you are simply and easily being yourself.

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