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Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat

A good friend reminded me over the weekend that there are days when there just aren't any more bunnies in the hat and you have to go with what you know.  And the more we kicked this around, we also realized that sometimes we mistake the bunnies for something else - dust-bunnies perhaps? - and don't see what should be obvious. How frustrating is it to think you have nothing left, no place to turn, no alternatives - no bunnies in the hat, so to speak!?! And that taking the time to reframe our thoughts, to see what our options really are and aren't, and to be present fully gives us the option to act in the present instead of being tied down by what happened in the past.

So here we are on a Monday, and I came into the office ready and excited about the week ahead.  Some of you may have heard of something called TAT - the Tapas Acupressure Technique.  This process was developed by an acupuncturist Tapas Fleming who lives in Southern California.  She discovered through her work that many of the blockages that people face in their energy systems are aggrevated by issues that may appear to be totally unrelated to the problems that brought them  to treatment in the first place.

And one of the elements that seems to be essential in clearing energy blockages is forgiveness and choosing to forgive not only ourselves but others who may have participated in past events that are somehow related to our issues.  TAT is unique in that it doesn't require itemizing every person or every trauma in detail.  All one needs to do is set the intention that this healing is to occur, identify that all of the elements that relate to the healing be included, and being open to allowing the process to work.

And what's remarkable is that shifts in one's energy system do occur, and people make some pretty remarkable discoveries as they work through the TAT process.
I have been impressed with how TAT seems to work in people's healing, so I signed up for a webinar with Tapas called "Practicing Presence."  This is done online with both audio and video connections for all participants.  We have 9 people in our group this week and last, with 2 in Great Britain, 1 in Mexico, 1 in Japan, and the rest in the US.  I have seen how this process is working for each of us in different ways, at different paces, with different outcomes.  What this is teaching me - one more time - is that just because a technique may not appear to fit with the way I work or the way I think and feel, it doesn't mean that it won't be effective for my clients.
Each of my clients has preferred ways of working, and the more I work with each person, the more we are able to determine what they prefer and what works best for them - the techniques where they feel progress, sense results, move ahead.  And this varies from session to session.

What I got out of today's session with Tapas was that no matter how many times I work on issues and think I've forgiven myself and others, it is always possible to find an area that is still blocked and needs work.  And just as working with my clients, having a safe place to work and allow myself to be present with feelings, regrets, and even anger, makes it possible to make change and to choose instead of continuing to react.  So I came in this morning feeling that the only thing that I could see in my hat was left over bunny fur, and this afternoon, I now know that there are probably some new bunnies in there even if I don't know what they are yet.

If you are interested in finding out more about TAT, feel free to contact me or you can visit Tapas' website at TATLife.com.


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