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The Power of Forgiveness

I have just returned from my first conference with the National Guild of Hypnotists.  It is a really different experience from other conferences I have attended, because one is intentionally in trance during many sessions instead of just going into trance to escape the tedium!  There are many practicing hypnotists who have been in this business for half a century and who share their information, techniques, and expertise with willing folks like me.

My primary reason for going was to participate in training to be a certified bariatric surgery support specialist.  There are special skills and techniques for working with individuals who are considering or who have had weight loss surgery.  The program was really excellent and filled in the blanks on many questions I had about working with the challenges these clients face. 
As part of the 8 session program, a step that is fundamental is the willingness and ability to let go of past wrongs and slights and take responsibility for one's own body and destiny.

Past events can leave traumatic marks on us, and these marks carry energy that can emerge to influence our behavior.  So, for example, if you had a traumatic experience of having been called fat in the third grade by a group of boys who were insensitive and showing off to each other, they have long forgotten the incident, but you may be carrying it with you.  And if you are, and you remember it, you still have energy associated with it that influences you.  If you are able to forgive this past incident, and let it go, you release the traumatic hold over you and your current behavior.  It's in the past, it's over, and you are here now.

The forgiveness begins with ourselves as we carry all blame, shame and anger within us and can easily use this energy against ourselves.  When we are able to forgive ourselves first, we can release the energy. It then becomes easier to forgive others.  I can hold alot of anger knowing that not only I was wronged, but that the people who wronged me are not holding any guilt about it - that can make me even angrier.  In the long run, the only one hurting is me.  Forgive yourself, allow the past to be the past, and move on.  Release this energy for new uses today that can move you into the future and make you capable of letting go of past hurts and failure. Only you can forgive yourself, so give it a try.

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