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Not the Way You Planned?

This last weekend, I had been asked to consult with a colleague who was planning to do a spirit releasement with a client.  This client had identified more than one entity that he believed to be influencing his behavior badly.  One of these ride-along spirits was into partying, drinking and carousing, and getting him into trouble.  The client was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and ridding himself of this entity seemed like a positive next step in his treatment.  
So the night before the appointment, he had a long conversation with my colleague and all was set for our morning appointment.  My role was to help her prep for the session, plug in details where she either hadn't seen them or I saw that they might add to the process and watch for overall needs for her and the client.  My added role was to use my emerging Reiki skills during and after the session to infuse positive and healing energy where the void was created during the releasement.
Well, Saturday morning came, and we went into the office and prepared ourselves and the space for this procedure.  Not knowing exactly was going to transpire, we planned for any eventuality, using sage, crystals, and energy to clear ourselves and the space.  We were feeling very calm in the face of unknown forces and aware that the energy that we were channeling was not ours but that of the universe.
As it turns out, the client bailed without calling.  And while we were all prepared for healing him with universal energy, we were blessed just by being conduits.  Our preparation allowed us to take that energy with us out into the world, where we went to get some breakfast that we ate with our feet dangling in a beautiful creek in pristine woods.
Sometimes all the preparation in the world can't move energy and forces the way you expect them to go.  My lesson from this is that by being available, I gained both the experience of the preparation and the joy of the energy flowing through me.  And while I was bummed that we didn't get to do the releasement, we have a much better sense of how to do one when the time comes.  We also have a much better sense of how no matter one's personal skill level, being able to work with a colleague with synchronous skills makes everything richer.

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