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Own your issues

None of us is ever perfect as hard as we might try to be.  And because perfection eludes us, there is always the opportunity to use this as the excuse not to do something that we know we really need to do.  Perfection is an illusion after all.  It is a judgement that can be used to either help us strive to attain it or help us feel bad about ourselves when we don't achieve it.  Rarely is anything ever perfect.  Even the most seemingly perfect flower has flaws.  It may be perfectly beautiful but have an annoying aroma; it may be so tasty that bugs adore it so there is never a perfect bloom to pick.
As long as we hold up the illusion that perfection is attainable, we provide the opportunity to sell ourselves short.  So my advise is to own your imperfections as they are part of you.  And if you can own those flaws and shortcomings in yourself, over time you can reduce the negative energy that you feel towards them.  If I own my less than perfect thighs, I can learn to live with them. And if I can learn to live with them, I can tell a sales person that I need pants with wide legs because of them without feeling bad about myself.  And what can she say? That I have fat thighs? I already told her that, so I have taken the energy away from the interchange.
Over the years I have become more aware of how to disarm energy that I have around my imperfections.  I still don't like them, and some of them I am doing something about, but I am not ashamed for having imperfections.  After all, my fat thighs are not the be all and end all of my existence!

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