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I'm Trying So Hard? What's Wrong with Me?
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I am Enough

I have started listening to a book by Vishen Lakhiani that I would like to recommend for you to think about reading.  It is a book called "The Code of the Extraordinary".  Vishen is the CEO of the MindValley Academy which offers an amazing array of learning opportunities for self-awareness and growth.  I first came in contact with him several years ago through an ad and through some of the free seminars that he was offering with well-known speakers in an online seminar format.

I'm Trying So Hard? What's Wrong with Me?

One of the most common complaints I hear from people who are intent on losing weight is that no matter what they are doing, it isn’t happening. They tell me that they know all the rules, and have tried them before and lost, but this time seems to be different.  I sense their frustration as I am talking to them, and they are usually looking for that “magic bullet” that will make it all disappear. 

The reality is that our bodies get very used to our habits, and because so much of what we do is unconscious, we habitually and subconsciously undermine our efforts, leaving us feeling both deprived and defeated.

Welcome to a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

For some of us we enter a new year with joy and anticipation while others of us arrive in relief to have survived the holidays one more time.  This time of year, for a wide variety of reasons, we are challenged to engage with others in ways that we generally do not do throughout the rest of the year.  There are events involving family, food, socializing. There are increased demands for one’s personal and financial resources.  There are emotional ties to the past - both positive and negative that are triggered; and there are all the other ongoing life situations facing us the rest of the year.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

I know I have been so good at sticking to my diet this time! I decided that I would really commit to an eating routine that would restrict my calorie intake, and I have stuck to it without fail for over a week now.  I have even kept off the scale since I drive myself crazy getting on and off it three times a day.  And now I find that at the end of the week, not only haven’t I lost any weight, I have actually gained!  What’s happening?

Does any of this sound familiar? It is so defeating when you commit to yourself that you are going to take your eating and weight problems in hand and do something about it, only to find that things don’t go exactly as you planned.

Fixated on Food

 Those of us who struggle with weight have the challenge of not only whatever the weight means to us but also of what to do about it.  If you have spent some of your life dieting, you know how much time you spend thinking about what you are going to eat that you should, how you are going to avoid eating things that you shouldn’t, portion control, healthy foods, etc. and pretty soon you are giving up because it is too much hassle.  I have spent many years in this same predicament, feeling bad about myself for failing, yet always having in my mind that this should be something I should be able to conquer.

To React or Respond - That is the Question

Is Mercury in Retrograde or What?

We all have days when things go wrong – some we can avoid and others not.  Today being Monday was one of those mornings when I needed to get into work for an early client.  I was there on time, but at 10 after the hour she wasn’t.  So texted, it had slipped her mind, and we rescheduled. 

So I came home only to find that my key wouldn’t work in the front door lock.  This lock has been sticky and odd for a while, and it seems to decide on a whim to allow a key to work or not.

Earth Day is a Good Time to Ground Yourself

We all encounter situations in the course of our daily lives that throw us off balance. It could be an accident in traffic on the way to work that starts us off late, or an encounter with a colleague that is less than pleasant, or spilling something on yourself and having a spot that won’t come off, or some other thing that gets into our psyches and nests there.  And as other things happen during the day,all of those little less-than-extraordinary mishaps seem to build up and acquire some energy of their own, and by the end of the day, one can feel not only exhausted but weighted down.

Kill Those Cravings!

We all crave things from time to time. Many are the result of our habits: go to the movies- crave popcorn; eat a heavy meal- crave dessert.  Some are the result of outside influences such as walking by a bakery and smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread. And others are normal everyday responses to our internal actual needs.  Most of the time if we are watching what we are eating or trying to drop some weight, we are more aware of the cravings we have for things that we aren’t supposed to be eating.

Fat Body but Starving Brain

I know it may sound strange, but our bodies are geared to keep us well fed with plenty of reserves for when we need them.  Some of the chemicals in our bodies not only facilitate our sensing the need for nourishment, they can impact what we store and use, what we feel about food, and whether we are overweight or not.  One of the hormones that is responsible for keeping us from starving is leptin that is a protein made from fat..  And one of the scary things about this hormone is that the more fat we have in our bodies, the more leptin is produced making us ultimately obese with our brains starving.

Just Get Up and Move

I get so many emails these days from a variety of sourcesthat it is hard to pick the ones that deserve to be read from those that waste my time. I’m sure you can relate. Yesterday, however, I actually opened one that turned out to have some very simple advice relative to addressing fear.  It was an article on PTSD and how individuals who have symptoms may not react in the same way as those who do not.  The end result may be that because of their reactions, they may end up being retraumatized from events that otherwise would not impact someone else at all.

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