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Weight Loss that you sustain means building healthy habits that support you. Diana Paque can help you with her virtual gastric band program. She is a practitioner of the Sheila Granger technique that helps you build habits easily.
Weight Management is an Option for You!
Whether you have struggled with your weight all your life or have some extra pounds after having kids or after menopause, there is no reason why you can not achieve your weight goals!  The only thing that is standing in your way is you, your mind and your body.  Being healthy and being a healthy size and shape requires you to develop habits to sustain yourself. 
So what are the habits you need to develop?
  • Portion Control- no matter what you eat, or where you eat it, there is only so much food that your body needs at any one time
  • Healthy Food Choices - sugar, salt, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods are plentiful, cheap, and very addictive; however, they are toxic to your body, and you need to develop food choices for quality nutritious food that you love to eat
  • Water - our bodies are mostly water, and they need to be rehydrated regularly to be healthy; you need to drink sufficient water to keep your body flushed of toxins and keep your cells functioning well.  Soda, alcohol, sugary drinks and other high-caloric beverages do not serve this purpose and can actually wick fluid away rather than restore it
  • Supplementation - As you age, your body can not get sufficient vitamins and minerals from your food, and if you are losing weight and restricting food intake, you need to maintain them in your system.  Developing the habit of taking supplements can help you replace nutrients you are missing in your diet and support your overall health and immune system
  • Exercise - Your body needs to move to be healthy, and developing habits that encourage movement can keep you mobile, help you resist injury, and sustain your overall quality of life. 

And Here's Where We Come In! 
Hypnosis can help you learn these habits easily, safely, and with all the support you need to be successful
Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight and body requires a willingness to make major lifestyle changes, to commit to taking care of your body, to deal with issues in your life without using food as a substitute.
While there is no surgery involved, this gastric band procedure does give the client an increased sense of what is happening with their stomach - feeling hungry, full, overfull - just like the surgical procedure.  This is a picture of the surgical intervention with a band around the stomach that can be tightened by adding saline solution.

Dr. Paque has been certified by Sheila Granger
as a practitioner of her highly- successful Virtual Gastric Band Technique that has been proven effective for over 90% of those who participated in media trials in the UK.  This technique teaches you how to feel what your body needs, how to feel hungry or full, how to eat small portions of healthy foods, how to make healthy food choices, how to remember to drink water, to properly supplement, and to include exercise as a part of your regular lifestyle.  This program helps you learn balance in your life which is the one thing that diets never do!
Dr. Paque has also been certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Bariatric Surgery Support Consulting Hypnotist.  In this capacity, she is trained to work with individuals who are more than 100 lbs overweight who are committed to changing their lives.  
Because of the potential for other health problems if the client is morbidly obese, Dr. Paque works with the client and their other health care providers to design and implement a program that is medically sound, supports and mentors the client, and provides the client with sufficient information and resources to be able to make the transition from fat to thin.  Hypnotherapy can support this process by reinforcing medical advice and medical and nutritional directives in trance, so that the client absorbs what they need to know and do on a subconscious as well as conscious level.  Hypnotherapy also provides an excellent mentoring environment that does not exist in many surgical programs, and supports the client in making changes that are outside the scope of these programs.
Want to Know More??
Feel free to contact us and learn more about our programs and services that might meet your needs.  We are happy to provide no-obligation consultations - it's a big decision, so we want to help you choose the best options for you.
Diana Paque is a certified hypnotherapist with specialized certification in weight loss techniques, virtual gastric band, weight management, and habit development. She has significant training in working with people who are obese to the point of being denied traditional surgeries for weight loss.

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