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Freedom from fear is liberating, allowing you to do things you have forgotten you enjoyed.  Hypnosis with Dr. Paque can help you address fear, trauma, negative beliefs that have kept you trapped and feeling bad about yourself.  Let yourself go today!
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Recent Testimonials

Reiki Meet-Up Feedback
What Diana shared at the end of the night about filters was wonderful. I think the best information for the whole evening was during that session for filters. Diana mentioned the spot that is just behind your heart. There is so, so much there and it is very important to "drop down" into that spot as much as you can. A lot of people go their entire lives without ever connecting to that "spot". Nice job Diana! (male, 50s, April 2014)

is a little tricky to find, but wow, what a great setting.  Diana is extremely good at her craft! (female,55, November 2013)

Weight Loss
Diana is AMAZING!!! I just saw her for an issue that I have around being blocked at a certain weight and not being able to reduce more. Within the first 10 minutes Diana had me figure out what the block was, she helped me to diffuse it with EFT and gave me more suggestions for breaking down the blocks even further. Diana is professional and intuitive. Her confidence in her work is reflected in the confidence that I now have in my abilities to crush my issue with weight loss. I would recommend Diana anyone who needs help losing weight and achieving their goals. (female, 51, July 2011)
Long-Standing Fear of Doctor's Appointments
I just wanted to share with you that yesterday after our appointment I booked a doctor's appointment just like you showed me. It took all the courage I had to make the appointment but I did. I had my first “ladies” appointment on the fly yesterday all because you helped me overcome a fear I have been struggling with for longer than I can remember.
The doctor was nice enough and was understanding and patient with me. I said exactly what you told me to when she came in.  Now it’s done.  The doctor said that due to my age it is very unlikely that there is an issue. Here’s hoping it’s all just fine.
Thank you so much Diana! You truly are an angel. (female, 28, July 2011)
Meditation Issues
I'm so glad we had our appointment today.  Now I know why I don't feel things that other people have told me I should feel.  I now understand how things work and how they work for me - that's something I didn't know before today.  It didn't make sense until now.  Thanks so much for coming in - I am so happy to finally understand!  (male, 59, July 2011)
Health Issues
I knew when I started working with you that you were going to be one of the support systems that would help me do the healing I need to do.  Now that I know what my specific health issues are, I need all the help that I can get, and I am so happy that you are one of my supports. (female, 51, November 2011)
I came in to my session with Diana with this aching pain in my shoulder that has been here for several weeks.  We addressed it first with some tapping that greatly reduced the pain.  I was so surprised.  Then I felt something like concrete in my shoulder, and Diana worked with me to talk to it, figure out that it was an energy attachment, help me see where in my life it joined me, and then eliminated it. And the pain is totally gone! I have no pain and I can fully move my arm and shoulder.  She's amazing! (female, 52, February 2012)

Fears, phobias are generally tied to past traumas where we internalized our fears and took action to protect ourselves against future danger. Hypnotherapy with Dr Paque works to undo these old energy links, to engage our adult selves, and calm down our baby fears. DP Consulting Services has helped many people with overcoming their fears. Release yours now!Fear of Heights
After our first session when you were able to stop my coughing fit, I was totally blown away about how you were able to do that, and, how after you left, I was able to regain that sense of calm.
I just got back from my trip on some very winding roads, and had absolutely no problems with heights or anxiety.  I had a wonderful trip that I would never have been able to take in the past.  The only time I had a problem was when I was sitting in the back seat and someone else was driving like a maniac. I started to get carsick and all my resolve left me and I could feel my anxiety going up. So I started to say to myself: " this isn't my fear, it's my mother's," and the anxiety calmed down and went away.  I never could have enjoyed this vacation without your help. (female, 62, June 2011)
I'm a different person than I was when I walked in here 2 sessions ago.  I feel different, I'm starting to deal with some of the clutter in my life, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off me.  I wish I had done this sooner.  (male, 47, September 2011)    Follow-up: After 2 months of seeing Diana, my wife tells me that she has her husband back. I feel like a different person, with my life back on track, a new sense of myself and my abilities, and a new appreciation for what a small part of the world we actually know.  Working with Diana was an amazing process, and I can't thank her enough. (November, 2011)
After our first session, I didn't think much had happened until I woke up the next morning and the pain in my back had disappeared!  It never goes away, so that was my first clue that something had happened.  After our second session, my foot that I broke years ago is now much less swollen, and my knee no longer pops in and out.  I can't wait for our next session!  (male, 63, September 2011)
I came in for a single session to unload emotional baggage.  I had heard that reiki might work for this, and I wasn't disappointed. After the second session, some of my regular aches and pains disappeared for almost 2 weeks!  Little by little I'm working stuff out of my system. Diana is using a combination of things with me, including reiki, and whatever she's doing, it's working for me. (female, 51, September 2011)
I knew I was going to enjoy my session just because it was so relaxing, but I never expected to have my pain disappear.  I have had this pain in my lower back as long as I can remember, and when I woke up the morning after my session it was gone! I occasionally feel like it might be coming back, but in the 4 months since my 2 treatments, it has never happened again.  I keep telling all my friends about it, and I'm a believer that whatever she does, worked for me and can work for others too.  (male, 63, November 2011)

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