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Remote Therapy Sessions
Increasingly, clients are interested in having  therapy sessions at a distance.  this may be because they are traveling, or because they want to work with a therapist who has the skills and tools they need but is not located physically close to them.  As a result, we are seeing an increasing number of clients interested in having sessions via remote access.  The most easily accessible way of having remote sessions is via Skype. 

Anyone can load Skype onto his or her computer and make free audio and video calls to another Skype user.  All one needs is a computer with access to the internet, a microphone for speaking, and a video camera (for video calls.)
For more information about Skype and installing it on your computer, please visit:http://www.skype.com/en/what-is-skype/
Use Skype for your hypnotheraphy appointments with Dr. Diana Paque. You don't need to be close to be connected and get the help you want and need.
Video Calls:It is possible to simulate being in the same room with a video call.  The client and the therapist each have cameras and microphones set so that each is physically comfortable and able to relax and accomplish the work of the session.  The client is able to easily hear the therapist and to achieve trance states in the same manner as occurs in the office.  The therapist is easily able to observe the client while in trance, to see how they are responding to suggestion or to particular issues while in trance and has the same level of control as if they were in the same room together.
Audio Sessions: Occasionally, Dr. Paque works with clients over the phone.  This is work beyond phone conversations in between sessions that occasionally occurs.  Clients who wish this option must meet with Dr. Paque either in person or via Skype for initial appointments to establish rapport and to establish sufficient energetic connections for this type of appointment to be effective.  It is rare that clients are able to accomplish work simply with audio appointments because of the lack of visual feedback both for the client and therapist; however, if the rapport and trust exists, these sessions can be equally effective and the results equally lasting.
Some Caveats:
It is imperative that both the therapist and the client are physically located in a place where they can be comfortable and undisturbed for the duration of the session.  Normal daily disruptions can occur at home or in the office, so the client must make sure that the session can happen without interruption.
When placing the camera and the microphone, it is important that both are located so that it is easy for everyone to hear and see each other.  If the client relocates to go into trance, then the camera and the microphone may need to be adjusted so that the client can be heard and seen throughout the session.
As with any therapeutic service, it is always advisable to set up parameters in advance.  Your therapist will want to get your medical and therapy history and understand what it is you are seeking to do during treatment.  It is also important for you to communicate your expectations so that you know what constitutes successful treatment for you as well.
Because clients are at a distance, your therapist may request you to set up payment in advance or in a manner that you both agree to.  Dr. Paque offers payment for remote sessions via PayPal which allows you to pay for services via credit card.  For more information or for making payment, please click here.
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